Doctor Who Wallpapers!

Here are some Doctor Who wallpapers I am starting to put out! They are straight from the series so I hope you enjoy them! I will start a new page on this blog for all of the wallpapers I upload, so make sure to keep an eye out for them!


New Updates

I’m pretty sad and sorry about not being the most active gamer out there, but a few issues have gotten in my way. I’m not the best at editing videos, so it takes me forever and i’m trying to look into a better intro for my videos and explore my video editor. My others issues are school and the time it takes to upload xD. But I plan on releasing a few videos of tutorials for Skyrim, I already have the video, but the first couple might not have audio due to me not being in an always quiet area, and my microphone picks up a lot of noise and i’m in a busy household. But I should be able to record and upload a few new videos during this weekend. So, I hope you guys/girls enjoy my videos, and if you do, make sure to like and subscribe!


I am sorry but I just realized I have not been updating this blog as much as my Tumblr Blog. I would ask if you could head over to my Tumblr Blog at to see what has been going on, and i’ll try to post here as much as possible. Sorry! xD



Well this looks like fun :3 I can’t wait for the server to open up!


Guess what guys! I finally got my Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invite! I can only hint at the things that happen in the game because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. So i’ll start releasing videos once it gets out of Beta.

And sorry for not posting any videos lately, I have been REALLY busy!

New Videos!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I have been very busy with school! But there are new Tribes: Ascend game plays uploaded, a Tribes: Ascend Commentary with a bit of tutorial thrown in with it, and a great Hide N’ Seek in Runescape! I’m sorry about the latest Runescape video, something went wrong with my mic, Razer Comms program, and my computer, so there is none of my audio, but there is audio from Onetheslayer! I have gotten a new microphone so expect some more, better sounding game plays, Let’s Plays!, and more from now on! Thank you for being so patient, and I hope you enjoy the videos!


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Runescape Hide N’ Seek #2- At Falador

New Video of Runescape Hide N’ Seek on Youtube! Sorry my commentary is not there due to technical reasons, but you can still hear my friend.